Hello! Good to meet you. We’re a startup studio that's created multiple fast-growing startups. Our design, development, and marketing teams can help you build yours, too.

Prototype to scalable product

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your startup journey and need a prototype to validate important assumptions or you're looking for a partner capable of building a great product that will support you as you scale, we've got your back.

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Our full-time team of experts eat digital products for breakfast. Mmmm. Delicious.


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How we work

We work with you to define the business objectives to be achieved and break down the project into time-constrained bursts of work, aka sprints.

For each sprint, we determine the capacity required to reach the next target and we apply an hourly rate. Our sprints typically last 4 weeks. At the end of each sprint, an incremental, releasable product is delivered that you can test and use.

Work Samples

Helpilepsy by Epione

The digital assistant for people with epilepsy and their neurologist.

We created a whole digital ecosystem by using our design, development, data-science, and strategic skills, and by using a very lean and agile methodology. The digital solutions include a marketing website, a mobile app for patients, a web app for neurologists and a web admin interface for Epione’s team.

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Infamy Fantasy Esports

Infamy is a startup that blends fantasy sports with e-sports.

Our team applied our startup studio methodology to tackle business bottlenecks one at a time, building high-value features to reduce friction within the user experience. We started by analyzing where the team spent most of its time, realizing that a big portion of their daily tasks were redundant and could be automated by bots and scripts.

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Superbowl is a fast food chain serving fresh and healthy food.

We crafted a delightful ordering experience – from design to development – across multiple channels. We built a website for online ordering, including a custom B2B customer flow. We made a thumb-friendly mobile ordering experience for consumers. And for the restaurant, we developed a web application for onsite ordering terminals, including a payment system and ticket printing. Superbowl team can  manage their B2B orders, products, restaurants and more.

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Let's build together!

While we specialize in investing and partnering with idea-stage startups, each year, we give a couple of external entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with our team to develop their product.

If you have a minimum budget of $15k and you'd like to discuss how we might work together, let's talk.

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