πŸ’Έ How much money do you invest in startups?

We invest up to $50k while working to get you to customer revenue and pre-seed or seed stage fundability. We'll continue to invest in future rounds, where it makes sense.

πŸ₯§ How much equity are you looking to get?

We seek to gain up to 5% equity for a $50k investment. We also work with founders to create milestone-based events to gain further equity (for example, if we hit $20k MRR within 6 months, we might get an additional 3% equity).

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Do you invest outside of the US?

Our US team only invests US-based companies. Please visit our Belgian website to apply if you are not based in the US.

πŸ‘‹ What is your investment process?

We have open applications so that anyone can apply because good ideas can come from anywhere. We review and reply to every application.

We select founders that could potentially be a good fit for us and have a 30-minute call to discuss their background and startup in more detail. We think as much about whether we're a great partner for you as vice-versa.

For the founders we're interested in further exploring working with, we'll start collaborating. We'll want to define how specifically we can start working together and make sure everyone is aligned around clear goals.

Once we're ready to partner up, we'll choose projects to work on together, which we'll fund and help execute on. We'll keep doing this process up our investment maximum.

πŸ‘Š How do you work with founders?

Once we've committed to investing in you, we like to get heavily involved in operations, helping to set KPIs and working with you on day-to-day tasks. We are all about execution. We can learn more faster by launching experiments that involve customers from the start.

We leverage our network every step of the way - connecting you with mentors, talent, and investors. We're right there with you, like a co-founder, working on your startup, and supporting you through all the ups and downs.

Companies will be at different stages of progress, but here's what needs to get done: validate customer demand, deliver value to customers, test pricing, design the product, build tech, and begin marketing.

We'll make sure you're fully self-sufficient prior to your Seed round (or Series A at the latest). We'll work with you to recruit talent and build your own internal resources. We'll continue to invest, where possible, and support you as any great investor would.

🧐 What types of founders are you looking for?

Many founders lack the networks, knowledge, and resources to efficiently get a tech startup off the ground. Given the right support, we believe many more great founders can break through and achieve success.

Maybe you've successfully grown a business, but don't yet know how to run a tech startup or recruit a CTO. Maybe you're ready to start building your startup, but haven't yet found the perfect complimentary co-founder. Maybe you just don't want to go it alone and see huge value in collaboration. We're like an Ironman suit founders can put on to become a fierce contender in tech.

We don't currently have any geographic criteria since the pandemic has made remote companies out of everyone. Besides, the majority of our team is based in Belgium, so we will remain a remote team.

πŸ€” Are you an accelerator, incubator, or some kind of program?

In short, nope.

We act as guides scaling the mountain with founders, not supporting safely from base camp. So, we're not like an accelerator.

We're focused on finding great founders to partner with, not start our own companies and recruit founders (though we have done this in the past and may again in future). We don't offer office space (remember those things from pre-pandemic days?!) So, we share some traits with an incubator, but we don't call ourselves that.

We don't have a predetermined program that we run founders through. We create unique goals and action plans with every startup we work with. We also look to you, the founder, to be an essential part of key decision making, choosing which work to complete, and executing on the most important things you can do. We will learn and grow together.

We do however offer perks for our founders, help with fundraising, continue to follow on invest, and a few other things that these other startup programs do.

Thanks for your time in reading these FAQs!

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