We partner with idea-stage founders to get to revenue and fundability in 6 months.

Let's Build

Make Studios is a startup studio that offers pre-product founders all the resources they need to go from idea to venture-funded startup.

πŸ’° Capital

We invest up to $50k in startups to achieve key milestones in exchange for equity.

πŸ›  Resources

Our 15-person team rocks at development, design, and marketing – everything needed to start up.

πŸ’ͺ Support

Through coaching and well-tested processes, we help founders take on the world.

We work with founders in 2 key phases of their startup's development.

🎯 Validation

We answer questions like: Is this a real problem?Β Can we find customers? How much will customers pay for a solution?

Timeline: 2-4 months


  • Validate value hypothesis
  • Validate growth hypothesis
  • Raise a pre-seed round

πŸ€– Product v1

Now that we've validated the problem and solution, it's time to build out the tech to begin scaling the product to more customers.

Timeline: 3-5 months


  • Create initial product design
  • Setup infrastructure and devops
  • Build back-end and front-end
  • Ship the product


πŸ’΅ Business

  • Investment capital
  • Customer development
  • Go-to-market strategy

✨ Design

  • Brand identity
  • UI &Β UX design
  • Style guides

πŸ€– Development

  • Mobile & web apps
  • Frontend & backend
  • CMS

🌱 Growth

  • Search & social ads
  • Email marketing
  • Ad campaign strategy

Our mission

There's a growing gap between idea and pre-seed, equity-based funding. Most pre-seed VCs, angels, and even accelerators require traction. Many potentially successful businesses fail to cross this gap, and that means our world is missing out on impactful innovation. We bridge this gap and empower more founders to launch and succeed.

We believe underrepresented founders are overlooked and undervalued in venture, and we plan to unlock huge potential with our investment model. Already, over 80% of our applications were submitted by founders who self-identify as underrepresented, and 100% of our portfolio company co-founders are women or people of color. The future is diverse, and we always bet on the future.


We don't care if you're a first-time founder, if you're tapped into notable networks, if you've recruited a co-founder, or if you've started building your tech. Here's what we do care about.


  • Scrappy (does a lot with a little)
  • Shows evidence of grit
  • Has strong founder/market fit
  • Obsessed with solving a problem
  • Intends to raise venture capital


  • Pre-product, not yet in market
  • Solving a real problem
  • Time-to-market is 6 months max
  • Testable value proposition
  • Tech is a crucial component
  • Venture-fundable
  • US-based

The Machine

Our Belgium-based team of experts create and grow tech startups daily.


Projects launched since 2014


Full-time startup magic makers


Startups created since 2018

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